FP Council Leaders posing at Golden Acorn Awards

The Franklin Pierce Council represents a set of non profit PTA organizations that provide support, advocacy and enrichment activities for students and families enrolled in Franklin Pierce Schools.

Franklin Pierce Council Mission Statement: We are a team of PTA leaders who support, advocate and enhance opportunities for PTA members, creating new and better leaders.

Franklin Pierce Council Purpose: “The functions of a council are to promote the purposes of WSPTA; to provide services, information, support, and leadership training for local PTAs in their area. They promote cooperation among the local PTAs and encourage projects promoting children’s health, safety, welfare and/or education in the local PTAs and the community. They are comprised of each local PTA in their designated area.”  WSPTA Policy Manual

Franklin Pierce Council General Information

Meet the FP Council Leaders

FP Council Leadership






FP Council PTA Officers 2018-19 term:

President-Sara fpcouncilpta@gmail.com 

Vice-President-Glenda fpcouncilvp@gmail.com

Secretary-Jennifer fpcouncilsecretary@gmail.com                                              

Treasurer-Melanie fpcounciltreasurer@gmail.com

Join a local PTA

Join a local PTA

Brookdale PTA: brookdaleptapresident@gmail.com

Central Avenue PTA: Centralavepta@gmail.com       

Christensen PTA: PTAChristensen@gmail.com                                                

Collins PTA: Collinsptacoyotes@gmail.com            

Elmhurst PTA: ElmhurstPTAPresident@gmail.com   

James Sales PTO: ptojamessales@gmail.com 

Ford PTSA: fordmiddleschoolptsa@gmail.com       

Harvard PTSA: president.harvardptsa@gmail.com  

Keithley PTSA: keithleyptsa@gmail.com

Midland PTA: Midlandptapresident@gmail.com

Why Join a PTA?

Why join PTA?

  • WSPTA member benefits/discounts
  • Be an advocate
  • Get involved at your student’s school
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Make every child’s potential a reality
  • Support training for PTA leaders

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