Highly Capable

Franklin Pierce School District is committed to our "Core Business" of engaging all students in rigorous, relevant, high quality work.  We provide a comprehensive highly capable program which offers a variety of advanced and accelerated learning opportunities at all grade levels.  Highly capable students are students who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advance academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences or environment (WAC 392-180-045).

Eligibility and Enrollment
Students entering 4th and 5th grade, are recommended by either parents, guardians, community members or teachers. Referral packets are available in elementary school offices or you can complete the online form here (formulario en español haga clic aquí)The referral packet includes a parent permission to administer the full CogAT and writing sample to their student. The Cognitive Abilities Test and writing sample are two pieces of information used for program selection and will take place during the school day mid-March. Forms need to be completed and submitted by March 24th. 
A multidisciplinary selection committee meets and reviews all on-time referral forms, compiles data and determines student selection for Highly Capable Program services. In accordance with state requirements, the committee uses multiple objective criteria to identify those students who are among the most highly capable.  Selection is based on review of recommendations, standardized test scores and previous program experience.  Standardized test scores include but are not limited to: cognitive abilities assessments, district achievement data, and state achievement data.  A single assessment score or indicator will not prevent a student’s selection for the Highly Capable Program. 
All referred students will be notified in writing of their selection status in late June.
Parents or guardians may appeal the decision of the multidisciplinary team due to information that was not available at the time of selection (ex. missing assessment scores) by completing an appeal form within ten days of receiving their selection status letter.
Appeals will be reviewed by the multidisciplinary team in June and will be notified in writing regarding the team’s decision.

Program Information by Grade Level