Small Works Roster


Public Works and Small Works Roster

All construction work done on District property is considered "public works" and is subject to Washington State laws regulating public work. This includes paying prevailing wages. Current prevailing wage rates are available on the Labor and Industries website. Intents to Pay and Affidavits of Wages Paid forms are required of all contractors, sub-contractors and sub-tier contractors. These forms are also available from Labor and Industries. The Intent must be applied for before any work begins, and the Intent must be approved before payments can be made.

Small Works Roster

Contractors and vendors whom wish to participate in bidding and quoting must complete the District’s Small Works Roster Application. Please complete and return the signed application via mail, fax, or email to:

Support Services: 11807 24th Ave. E.,Tacoma, WA 98445-5132

Fax: 253-298-4624

Email: Scott Allison