Special Education

Special Education services provides a coordinated set of instruction and supports that will enable every student, regardless of their ability, to become an active, contributing member of the community.

The frequency and duration of specially designed instruction (adapting as appropriate to the needs of the student the content, methodology, or delivery of instruction) is designed, monitored, and evaluated by the special education staff. 

Special Education Services include:
•  Resource
•  Support Center
•  STRIDES (Behavior Services)
•  Transitional & Community Based Learning
•  Related Services

If you have any questions please contact LSS main office at 253-298-3051 or 253-298-3048.

For Special Ed records please send request to SpecialEdRR@fpschools.org or fax (253) 298-3017.

Assistive Technology Team

Assistive technology means any item, piece of equipment, or system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of a student with disabilities.

The Assistive Technology team meets monthly to consider requests for assistive technology regarding students whose needs cannot be met through classroom modifications and accommodations. Special Services personnel can request an assistive technology evaluation in areas including mobility, environmental control, computer access and instruction, augmentative communication, assistive listening, aids to daily living, visual aids, pre-vocational aids, and academic learning aids.

The team determines what information is needed and may recommend an assistive technology evaluation. Once the necessary information has been gathered and an evaluation has been conducted, if needed, appropriate recommendations are made to the IEP team. These may include low technology solutions such as visual supports or specialized pencil grips, or may involve more elaborate solutions such as augmentative communication devices, alternative keyboards and computer software deemed necessary for the student to meet the individual goals and objectives. Once the assistive technology device is issued, the student's IEP is then revised to reflect the need for assistive technology as an accommodation. 

Related Services

Related services refers to services required to assist an eligible student to benefit from special education. Related services may include: speech/language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or other supportive services. The district offers related services for students who qualify in order to increase their participation in the educational setting. Students are referred for an evaluation in these areas by teachers or parents, and are assessed to determine if they qualify and to what extent the disability impacts their education. If they meet the qualification requirements and are in need of therapy, an individual education plan (IEP) is developed and the student receives therapy services at the school. Services are provided by a qualified speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, teacher of the visually impaired, or audiologist. 

Special Education Advisory Committee

District Mission:
To provide students an engaging educational environment, built upon proven academics and high standards, resulting in successful and contributing citizens.

SEAC Mission:
The Franklin Pierce Schools SEAC advises the administration of the Learning Support Services Department regarding special education services for eligible students.  SEAC provides information resources and advocacy.  It is also a partnership between school, family and community that is essential to the success of exceptional students.

Role and Responsibilities:
SEAC members are expected to represent the educational interests of all students eligible for special education services in the district.  SEAC members become informed about district services and provide their perspective on critical issues relevant to special education.  Attendance at SEAC meetings and communication with the Executive Director are critical to a successful committee.  SEAC members may also provide information and assistance to families of students receiving special education services as appropriate.

Membership and Meetings:
SEAC meets four times each school year.  If you have an interest in becoming a member of SEAC, please contact the Learning Support Services office at 253-298-3048.