English Language Learning

Multilingualism is an asset to be leveraged in order to build stronger cognitive and academic skills. In the Franklin Pierce School district there are over 40 languages spoken by FPS families. Our students and families bring rich cultural and linguistic resources to our school communities.

About our program:

  • Promotes the active and meaningful participation of ALL students, regardless of language proficiency or academic achievement.
  • Trains teachers in all classrooms to provide English language support by integrating students’ home languages and cultures, making content accessible through scaffolding, implementing structures for frequent peer interaction, and connecting to students’ prior knowledge and experiences.
  • Provides explicit English Language Development (ELD) instruction and support in ELL classes or small groups with an English Language Learning Specialist.
  • Builds on and enhances both interpretive and expressive modes of language development through content area vocabulary acquisition and functional language structures.
  • Empowers parents to effectively advocate for their child’s learning and for the improvement of the school.
Emily Donbeck
ELL Program Specialist, TOSA
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