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Student Rights and Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of Franklin Pierce Schools are to provide a safe and orderly learning environment and provide learning experiences so that students have the opportunity to develop skills, competencies, and attitudes necessary to be responsible, contributing citizens. To do so, students need to develop an understanding and appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of individuals and need to be prepared to participate intelligently and effectively in our open political system to ensure that system’s survival.

The school is a community, and the rules and regulations of a school are the laws of the community. All those enjoying the rights of citizenship in the school community must also accept the responsibilities of citizenship. A basic responsibility of citizens is to respect the laws of the community and comply with its rules and regulations.

It is the intent of the Board of Directors of Franklin Pierce Schools that all students, teachers, administrators, and parents have access to, and understanding of, the state laws and regulations governing student rights, responsibilities and due process. 

Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities