Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Purpose of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) provides:

  • Ongoing review of the district's progress toward the adopted technology goals in the district technology plan.
  • A formal structure for the discussion of educational and operational aspects of technology use.
  • Input on district technology initiatives and pilot programs.
  • Experts in specific fields/roles.
  • Ideas and insights in helping us work toward improvement.
  • Technology ambassadors who promote the positive aspects of technology within their building as well as district-wide.

DESCRIPTION - The Technology Advisory Committee will:

  • Provide strategic input, ideas, advice, and assistance in the procurement and implementation of technology.
  • Ensure alignment with the District’s Mission and Goals along with all documents and policies that govern the use of technology in The Franklin Piece Schools system.
  • Maintain strategic relationships/communications with all FPS departments and school buildings involved in systemic technology-related initiatives and procurements, as identified in the district organizational chart.
  • Play a significant role in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of current and new technology initiatives, especially those related to all documents that govern the use of technology in FPS (i.e. District Technology Plan) in order to provide recommendations to the Superintendent.