Qmlativ Overview

Focus Groups:
We have 19 focus groups comprised of more than 50 FP staff members designated as content specific champions to learn Qmlativ modules and increase their knowledge of Qmlativ functions through professional development courses.  The focus groups are designed to determine the content area needs for their respective groups and to help design the training plan for end users for their specific content area.

Skyward Clean-up:
Each Skyward system (Student/HR/Business Services) has specific tasks to complete to migrate clean, high quality, and accurate data.  These tasks are imperative to the migration process to ensure that our data transfers as efficiently as possible.  This is a very timely process that has been underway for several months and will continue until our migration date.

Training Plan:
Training will be available to users via Qmlativ professional development courses on-line, in person training by IT staff, and a training library of resources and quick videos.  

Dark Days Plan:
Dark days consists of the timeline when all of our data systems (Students/HR/Business Services) actively migrate to Qmlativ.  The Dark Days Plan includes notifying internal and external stakeholders of migration timelines, including steps for finalizing SMS process and Student/HR/Payroll/Business Services staff having outlined steps for configuration of Qmlativ on day 1 of Go Live.

Configuration Plan:
Plan established for Go Live to configure top priorities in Qmlativ: Security, rostering, automation, payroll and business services, etc.

For questions regarding Qmlativ, please email qmlativ@fpschools.org