Immunization Requirements

Children entering school, child care, or other early learning programs are required to have certain vaccinations before they can start. These requirements are put into place to protect children, families, and communities from vaccine preventable diseases. Immunization requirements apply to all enrolled children, including those learning remotely.

The parent or guardian of a child must provide documentation of vaccination or proof of immunity to specific diseases. This requirement is based on the national Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Immunization Schedule for school or child care registration and attendance. Please talk with your health care provider or school staff if you have questions about school immunization requirements.

Required Immunizations
Need to access free immunizations?
The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department frequently hosts vaccine events - Please visit for more information.
Need additional information about immunization exemptions?
If your family believes you should be exempt from immunization requirements based on religious or philosophical reasons, please complete a Certificate of Exemption Form and turn it in to the school nurse.

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