Health Updates


Franklin Pierce Schools is experiencing an increase in circulating respiratory viruses in our community, as well as in our schools. There has been an increase in influenza, RSV, COVID-19, and other common colds. Please do your part to help keep our community well!  

Prevent illness 

Get Vaccinated: The best way to prevent the flu or covid is to get vaccinated. Vaccines are available in our community. Please check with TPCHD to find a clinic near you: 

Wash your hands: Handwashing, especially after sneezing, coughing, or nose wiping, can help prevent infections. Always wash your hands before eating, and after using the restroom.  Clean surfaces with soap and water, or disinfect as needed.

If you get sick 

Stay home when you are sick to help prevent germs from spreading to others. If you or your child experiences difficulty breathing, difficulty drinking enough fluids, or symptoms of severe illness, please seek medical assistance from your health provider, or emergency services as needed. Please wear a mask if you must go out while still experiencing symptoms of illness.  

Thank you and Stay Well!