Health Services

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315 129th St. South Tacoma, WA 98445

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The goal of the Health Services Department is to ensure the medical needs of all students are met.  This shall be accomplished by working with the student, his/her family, Franklin Pierce Schools staff, health care providers, and the community through open communication, ongoing education, and providing a positive working relationship to maintain correct health information about each student.

Developing, implementing and evaluating individual care plans for each student.
Monitoring each school's health room procedures and services, maintaining high health care standards for all the students
Maintaining and enforcing district, state and federal laws and regulations 

Which services can a school nurse provide?

•  Maintenance of student health records 
•  Immediate and temporary care of students who become ill or injured
•  Medication administration
•  Health referrals
•  Vision and hearing
•  Monitoring of immunization records

When should I contact a school nurse?

•  You have concerns about your child's health
•  You want information about health care services in the community
•  A change occurs in your child's health
•  A medication must be taken at school
•  A communicable disease occurs
•  A health problem might be a community health issue
•  Your child's attendance start to change