Students in Out of Home Placement (Foster Care)

How does FPS assist students in out of home placement?
  • Attend school in the attendance area of current placement.
  • When in the best interest of the child, attend the school of origin (the school they attended at the time they entered care), or the school in which they were last enrolled.
  • Immediate enrollment and support from district Foster Care Liaison in obtaining school records and coordinating services.
  • Receive transportation to their school, if necessary.
  • Free school meals.
  • Support with credit retrieval and on-time graduation requirements.
Who qualifies for Out of Home Placement support?

Any student in foster care. “Foster care” means twenty-four hours per day temporary, substitute care for the child placed away from the child’s parents or guardians, and for whom DSHS or a licensed or certified child placing agency has placement and care responsibility. This includes any out-of-home care (including a relative or suitable person), so long as the child is under the placement and care responsibility of DSHS, and placed in out-of-home care by DSHS.