We need you! As growth in the Franklin Pierce community continues to outpace community resources and infrastructure, we are gathering Pierce County service providers to consider emerging concerns and opportunities in our community.

Will you join us? We hope to gather a diverse set of organizations from across sectors to envision and support a thriving Franklin Pierce Community.


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In May 2023, service providers from Pierce County gathered to learn more about the unique characteristics of the Franklin Pierce community. We considered the “state of the community” through the lens of the five social determinants of health.

Over the next 10 months, we will co-host five gatherings to better understand the Franklin Pierce community through these areas with local organizations that have an expertise in these areas. Our collective goal is to better understand the current state of the Franklin Pierce community, learn of unique challenges and opportunities and highlight avenues for emerging partnerships. Details for the upcoming gatherings are included below.

Upcoming Gatherings  

Please check back mid-August for upcoming gatherings!

Questions? Contact the FPS Family and Community Partnerships Office at or (253)298-3070