Farm at Franklin Pierce


Situated on an eight acre site owned by the Franklin Pierce School District, the Farm consists of a two acre vegetable farm, an orchard, and community garden space - all managed in partnership between Harvest Pierce County and Franklin Pierce schools. The Farm has become a teaching and learning space that not only engages hundreds of students and community members in education related to sustainable agriculture, but also provides food for the school cafeteria, district families, and food banks around the county. 

The Farm at Franklin Pierce

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 9516 Waller Road East Tacoma, WA 98446

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Get Involved at the Farm

Eco-design Class

The eco-design class is a program for high school students who are interested in learning what it’s like to be on the farm and harvest crops, use farm equipment and learn about ecosystems and how to take care of them.

Community Days

Community days are held every Friday and Saturday from 10-1, beginning in April and continuing throughout through September. On those days volunteers are welcome to come out to the farm, learn about the program, work with us for a few hours, and take home a share of the harvest if available that day. More information about the dates and times of community days will be posted on both the Harvest Pierce County Facebook page and the Pierce Conservation District calendar.

Farm Foundations

Designed to give participants a full season farm internship experience without a full-time commitment, this training will combine classroom learning with hands on skill building. Farm Foundations will give participants an introduction to ecosystem theory and agro-ecology, soil and plant science, as well as farm planning and management. Each week participants will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge through physical farm work and observation. A share of the farm's harvest will be provided to each program participant throughout the course of the season.

Edible Gardens - Class Series

in this program people are able to schedule for a class and show up to gain necessary knowledge according to farming, harvesting and all the other essential knowledge for the farmside jobs. These classes take place at multiple locations such as Graham Library, Franklin Pierce Farm (NSRC), Parkland/Spanaway Library, WSU Puyallup Victoria room at the master gardener demonstration garden and Metro Parks Tacoma.

K-8 field trips

Kids from Ford, Christensen, Brookdale, Harvard and midland get the opportunity to take a field trip to the Franklin Pierce Farm and get a tour of the different things around the farm, an info session were our instructors spend time teaching the kids about the different thing that happen with the environment and the plants and animals that live here. They also have the chance to get hands on experience with planting and harvesting simple crops such as potatoes, strawberries and carrots.