Interested in finding out more about a 403(b) plan or a Roth? A 403(b) is a tax-deferred savings plan for educators. And it's available through Franklin Pierce School District. Adding a 403(b) to your retirement plan can help you secure a future. A Roth is a retirement savings account offering tax benefits. Unlike traditional IRA's contributions are made with after-tax income, but withdrawals in retirement are tax-free. Franklin Pierce School District works with several financial institutions to set up your 403(b). For participating financial institutions:

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WA Department of Retirement Services

What is a pension plan?

A pension is a type of retirement plan that provides monthly income after you retire from your position. The employer is required to contribute to a pool of funds invested on the employee’s benefit. As a Franklin Pierce employee, you contribute part of your wages to the plan, too.


DRS has several webinars available that can help you prepare for retirement. Whether you are new to DRS or close to retiring, there is a webinar for you!

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Deferred Compensation Plan

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