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Retiree Health Insurance Webinars for 2022

If you are considering retiring in the near future and are interested in learning about Retiree Health Insurance offered through the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program, you can register to attend a free webinar. 

Monthly webinars, hosted by Outreach and Training staff from the Health Care Authority (HCA), will provide an overview of retiree health insurance available through the PEBB Program. Learn about eligibility criteria, medical and dental plan availability, monthly premiums, and the enrollment process. 

While retiree health insurance is not offered through the SEBB Program, it is available to eligible school employees through the PEBB Program. 

WA Cares Fund Delay

On January 27, a bill was signed to delay parts of the WA Cares Fund implementation for 18 months. Please note that January payroll was finalized prior to the change in law. Therefore, WA Cares Fund premiums were withheld from 01/31/2022 checks for all employees who did not provide payroll with an exemption letter from Washington State Employment Security Department. At this time, we anticipate refunding WA Cares Fund premium deductions on February 28, 2022 checks.

Premium collection is now expected to begin July 2023. Payroll will continue to watch for further information from the Employment Security Department.

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