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WA Long Term Care Tax - Starting 01/01/2022

Washington is the first in the nation to develop a way to make long-term care affordable for all workers in the state as we age. The WA Cares Fund team wants to speak with you about how to vest, what benefits are available, and why Washington is using this approach to provide long-term care coverage. You’ll have an opportunity to speak directly with WA Cares Fund staff and get your questions answered.

Washington workers will begin earning coverage in January 2022 by paying a little over a half a percent of wages into the WA Cares Fund. In 2025, the first generation of Washingtonians will become temporarily vested and can begin using benefits.

Check out the State's flyer for more information about WA Cares or visit the Learn More page to view dates and times for live WA Cares Fund webinars.

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