2020-2021 Sports Information

**At this time, we have opened registration for ALL High School Sports.**

Athletics Registration

Below is a message from Wendy Malich, Franklin Pierce Schools' District Director of Athletics and Activities.

I know many of you have heard that we are moving around sport seasons for this upcoming year due to the COVID pandemic.  I wanted to reach out and let you know where we are in the process.

Middle School Sports:

We are proposing a 4 season schedule to begin January 4th. The details of this schedule will be forthcoming.  I appreciate all your patience as we sort this out as a moving target.

High School Sports

The WIAA made a decision to offer 4 seasons this year.  Please see attached chart for a look as well as the below chart for a synopsis.

Season 1:  Low risk sports and traditional Fall sports listed in #1 would be moved to the WIAA 20-21 Season 3 (generally March and April). Once we enter Phase 3, sports can engage in strength/conditioning training for athletes, and during the time period of Sept. 28 through Nov. 30 can provide sport specific skill training as approved by their local schools and school districts.

Season 2: Medium to high risk activities to begin on Dec. 28 and end by Mar. 6th  to include Boy’s Swim, Girls/Boys Basketball and Girl/Boys Wrestling.

Season 3: Traditional Fall Sports, Football, Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Girls Swim.  With some overlap into season 3: Football begins on Feb. 17- May 8 and all other sports begin on Mar. 1 and end on May 1.  This would also include low risk fall sports: Cross Country, Golf, Boys Tennis.

Season 4: Spring Sports to begin on April 26 and end on June 26.  This would include Fastpitch, Baseball, Track, Girls Tennis, Boys Soccer.

The WIAA has opened a window of conditioning from Sept. 28 to Nov. 30 (similar to our summer training).  Our district has held firm that no contact with athletes will occur until phase 3.  We also have implemented Risk Management safety forms that will be part of coaches training and health screening upon the occasion that we move to phase 3 and we are able to have contact with student athlete.

If you have any questions, please contact the District Athletic Office or your school's Athletic Coordinator. We will continue to provide information about sports as soon as we have it. Thank you so much for your patience and support of Franklin Pierce Schools' Athletics.