A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Franklin Pierce Community,

Spring couldn’t come at a better time this year. Longer days, blooming trees, and flowers represent a fresh, new outlook on our work, on the pandemic and our ability to be together. I am feeling this in my own life and have seen it firsthand in visits to schools across the district. We have weathered a lot together and your strength and endurance continue to be a source of light and hope for one another, for students and for families in our community.

One of the greatest challenges for me during the past two years has been finding ways to recover, to rejuvenate and reenergize. Long weekends and breaks don’t provide the same source of respite when you’re constantly resisting the weight of a pandemic. In many cases, the first days back required adapting to a new urgent need. The people, activities and rest that usually “fill my cup” brought some relief, but didn’t fill me up.

I hope that this Spring Break is different. I hope that you can prioritize finding ways to care for yourselves and your loved ones, that you will find ways to unplug from the physical, mental and cognitive overload that we have experienced over the past two years, and that you will identify ways to fill your cup. The pandemic isn’t over, but I am hopeful that this season will afford us all some breathing room to recover, to heal, to reenergize and to rejuvenate.

Finally, thank you. Thank you for the ways that you support one another. Thank you for the ways that you support students and families. Thank you for the ways that you challenge and support our collective work to make us better.

Lance Goodpaster, 

Dr. Lance Goodpaster
315 129th St. South
Tacoma, WA 98444
 (253) 298-3010
(253) 298-3015