A message from our superintendent

Dear Franklin Pierce Community-

As some of you know, I have had limited mobility for the past 8 weeks, following an injury to my Achilles tendon. Recovering from this injury has allowed me to slow down, to remind myself of our need to rely on others and has helped me to see our schools from a different vantage point. I know that Fall is a demanding time for families, staff, and the community. While I would not wish an injury upon anyone, I hope that we can all find ways to slow down, to recognize our connections with friends, family and colleagues.

In October, each of the principals (and Hewins Early Learning Center Director) presented their annual plans to the school board. Their presentations were phenomenal, sharing reflections about what is working well, as well as the areas in which we need to improve. One of the common threads throughout the presentations was that our entire system is looking to support students and their families in their entirety. One of our board members noted that our schools function as small cities, highlighting the many supports and services that our schools provide. As I learn about the creative ways that our staff works to address the needs of students and families, I am continually proud to serve as a member of this team.

We anticipate the opening of three new elementary schools in Fall 2020 (Collins, Harvard and James Sales) as well as a new wing on the Hewins Early Learning Center. For more information about voter approved construction projects and pictures of their progress, please visit

This year, we have recommitted to three focus areas:

  • Supporting equitable opportunities and outcomes for ALL students;
  • Enhancing instruction to support student achievement; and
  • Working closely with families and our community to support student learning. 

If you have questions about how you can support your children in their learning, if you would like assistance finding resources, or if you are looking for ways to become more involved with our district, please email, contact the district office, or reach out to your local school directly. 

Like you, all Franklin Pierce staff want your child to be successful.

Lance Goodpaster



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