A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Franklin Pierce Community,

It’s Back to School season!

Back to school sales. Back to school nights. Back to school clothes. Back to school nerves. Back to school realizations that summer was too short😊.

I’ve spent a lot of time wondering lately…what kind of school are we going back to?

There are pieces of the past two years that I am eager to move away from-the physical and emotional toll of a pandemic, the perpetual high alert for new guidelines and rules, and the added layer of responsibility on top of everything.

There are also lessons learned over the past couple of years that we don’t want to miss as we move back to school. Perhaps the biggest lesson for me was that I want (and need) to be a part of a community of care-extending care to those in my midst, while also being willing to receive care from others. We are all partners with the responsibility to care for each other.

Thank you for the ways that you have supported those in your circle of relationships. Please communicate with me and other FPS staff about what care and supports you and your students need from us to thrive. We look forward to continuing this important work in partnership with you. 

Lance Goodpaster, 
Dr. Lance Goodpaster
315 129th St. South
Tacoma, WA 98444
 (253) 298-3010
(253) 298-3015