A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear FPS Community,

Graduation festivities offer a special opportunity to pause and consider all of the learning, dedication, opportunities, time and relationships that students experience on their educational journey. Bus rides, meals, an assignment that awakens their interests, meaningful conversations with staff, goofing around with friends, challenging life lessons, wins and losses on sports teams, nerve-racking musical performances, tests, field trips, interviews and so much more. These are experiences that students will take with them well beyond their time in Franklin Pierce Schools.


Our aspirational hope for our work is that every student thrives on their path to graduation and beyond. Over the past couple of years, our Teaching and Learning Services team led the process of gathering feedback from students, families, staff, industry leaders, neighbors and friends to help paint a picture of what it means to thrive. They have developed the FPS Student Portrait, which many of us have come to see as a human portrait, a picture of the ways of being that we want for all people.

As I consider the experiences of our graduates, think about the important work of our staff, and reflect on the ways that we are developing as an organization, I see that portrait come alive. The 2023-2024 school year has not been easy, but I am both grateful and proud of the ways that we as an organization have lived into our vision for students. We didn’t get it perfect every time, but I can point to countless individual and collective examples of the ways that we have contributed toward healthy and just communities, collaborated effectively, connected across differences, learned with curiosity and humility, created solutions and nurtured self, others, and community.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see this in the day-to-day, but when we afford ourselves enough time and space to step back, it is alive and well!

Please know that I am so incredibly grateful for the meaningful ways that our staff show up in their roles each day. Our collective and individual work matters. Our families' and community's work matters. Each of us matters.

With gratitude and appreciation of our staff, students, and community,

Lance Goodpaster, 
FPS Mission: Every student thrives on their path to graduation and beyond.
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