A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Franklin Pierce Community-

This year, we have been explicit about our commitment to social justice and equity, improving instruction, and engaging our families and community as partners in our work. One of the perks that I get to enjoy from my seat is seeing many glimpses of important work happening in each of these arenas.  

I am continually grateful for the many steps that our staff is taking to bring an equity lens to who we are, what we do, and how we function. I know that we have gaps of knowledge and need to continue to examine our practices in order to reimagine a system that truly serves all our students and families, but I am encouraged about the work that is happening. For example: 

  • Many buildings now have equity teams that are working to improve learning environments for staff and students.  
  • Our Transportation and Nutrition Services Departments are expanding and refining services to address the needs of our most vulnerable students and families.  
  • Staff across the district are participating in professional development and book studies that examine who we are as professionals and how our biases impact how we approach our work.  
  • Our Human Resources Department is making a concerted effort to diversify our staff by recruiting and retaining staff of color. 
  • The FPS Staff of Color group meets monthly to create a community, elevate collective voices and experiences, and celebrate each individual’s cultural capital, as well as provide critical insight into retention supports for FPS staff of color. 
  • Teachers and administrators are vetting new curriculum and teaching materials through an equity lens and teachers across grade-level and content areas are adjusting instruction to include different perspectives and learning styles. 
  • Students and staff partner to create meaningful schoolwide programs and events that honor the stories and contributions of people and cultures that have historically been silenced and misrepresented. 

While there is a temptation to view equity as a program or initiative, it is to live within all the work that we do. Our primary goal is to serve all students and families in Franklin Pierce Schools - no exceptions. Some students will take more resources than others, some will require us to examine some of our own assumptions, some will challenge us to change the ways that we have always done things, yet each student deserves the opportunity to be known, appreciated and supported as a person, as a learner, and as a member of our community. 

On another note, we understand the recent news about COVID-19 has raised questions and concerns among students, families, and faculty. We are working with Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department to address those concerns. You may find links to helpful information on our website at FPS Closure Resources.

If you have questions about how you can support your children in their learning, if you would like assistance finding resources, if would like to discuss how we can more equitably serve your students, or if you are looking for ways to become more involved with our district, please email, contact the district office, or reach out to your local school directly.  

Like you, all Franklin Pierce staff want your child to be successful. 

Lance Goodpaster, 
Mr. Lance Goodpaster
315 129th St. South
Tacoma, WA 98444
 (253) 298-3010
(253) 298-3015