6625 Private Vehicle Transportation

The Board authorizes the use of private vehicles under the following circumstances.
  1. Under unusual circumstances, the district may request parents or a responsible adult to drive children to school in their own vehicles on a per-mile cost reimbursable basis. The transportation department determines when "in-lieu" transportation would be advantageous to the district and arranges its implementation. In cases where car pools are formed by families, reimbursement shall be provided only to the parent whose car is used to transport the students to school.
  1. Upon written approval of the principal, staff may transport students when a student's welfare is involved; when due care dictates prompt action; when engaged in occasional field trip activity; or when engaged in an occasional extracurricular activity. The staff member shall acknowledge that he/she agrees to assume full responsibility for any liability or property damage, comprehensive or collision, made by or against the driver/owner of the vehicle. The district's liability insurance shall cover the risk assumed by the district. The mileage of the staff member shall be reimbursed by the district.
See Procedure 2320P: Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education for procedures regarding the use of private auto transportation.
Legal References:
RCW 28A.160.030 Authorizing individual transportation or other arrangements
WAC 392-143-070 Other vehicles used to transport students
Adoption Date: 12/9/08
Franklin Pierce Schools
Classification: Priority