6800P Procedure - Safety, Operations, and Maintenance of School Property

Playground Equipment
Plans to install playground equipment, either temporarily or permanently, at a school site will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the school principal and other appropriate staff members. A representative from the current insurance carrier will be contacted prior to installation.
A. Equipment must meet the safety criteria listed below:
1. All playground equipment must have an immediate ground surface which limits the impact from a fall, according to ASTM F-355-72. The safety surface must extend to the maximum distance to which a fall could occur;
2. Equipment is to be placed so as to take advantage of topography of surrounding terrain and far enough apart so that there will be a dispersion of children allowing safe, free movement with the least possible congestion;
3. All equipment is to be free from hazardous protrusions, points, and sharp edges;
4. Exposed component materials are to be rust-free, clean, and durable to use and weather with a minimum amount of splintering, flaking, or other deterioration. Lead paint and creosote will not be used;
5. Equipment that is low to the ground and with a six (6) foot maximum vertical limit is preferred;
6. All moving parts are to be concealed and be designed to minimize the chances of pinching or catching of clothing or of body; and
7. All equipment must be securely anchored according to the manufacturer's recommendations and installed by the manufacturer or his/her authorized representative.
B. Equipment should require a minimum of maintenance, specifically for replacement of parts and painting;
C. Equipment should be aesthetically appealing and encourage active and creative use;
D. Equipment should be difficult to vandalize; and
E. Unpadded cement or steel stationary poles should not be in areas intended for running games.
The maintenance supervisor will coordinate installation of approved equipment with the school principal. Quarterly inspections will be conducted.
Date: 9/2/93
Revised: 9/7/94; 12/9/08; 2/14/12