6114P Procedure - Gifts or Donations

Equipment and material which are donated to a school or are brought to the school for temporary use will be reviewed in terms of suitability, durability, and for any possible health or safety hazards. The school principal will be responsible for selecting other appropriate staff members to assist in the review process. If the equipment and/or materials are found to be unsuitable, the principal will indicate the reason(s) in writing. If found to be acceptable, the principal will submit a work order for appropriate installation. Donated playground equipment must be referred to the maintenance office before acceptance is granted. All gifts will become district property and will be accepted without obligation relative to use and/or disposal.
Any gift presented to the district will satisfy the following criteria:
A. The purpose or use will be consistent with philosophy and programs of the district and Policy 6114: Gifts or Donations;
B. The district will assume only a minimum financial obligation for installation, maintenance, and operation;
C. The equipment will be free from health and/or safety hazards; and
D. The equipment will be free from a direct or implied commercial endorsement.
Date: 9/14/78
Revised: 10/10/95; 12/9/08