6114 Gifts or Donations

The Board recognizes that individuals and organizations in the community may wish to contribute additional supplies or equipment to enhance or extend the instructional program. Any gift or donation to the district of real property can be accepted only by Board approval. Additionally, any gift or donation to the district or to an individual school or department of money, materials, or equipment having a value of $10,000.00 or greater will be subject to Board approval. 
The Board will not authorize the acceptance of gifts that are inappropriate, which carry with them unsuitable conditions, which will obligate the district to future expenditures from the general fund, or which are out of proportion to the value of the gift. All gifts will become district property and will be accepted without obligation relative to use and/or disposal.
The superintendent will establish criteria to be met in the acceptance of gifts to the district, regardless of whether they are solicited or unsolicited.
Unsolicited Gifts or Donations to the District
Money or additional supplies and equipment donated by booster clubs, other groups, or patrons to support specific teams or extra-curricular activities are not to result in unacceptable levels of disparity of allocation favoring one team or gender.
Solicited Gifts or Donations to the District
Certificated staff seeking donations for their classroom must obtain prior approval from the building principal. Other staff or administrators seeking donations to benefit an entire school or the district as a whole must obtain prior approval from the superintendent or his/her designee. In no event will any commitment be made by a staff member or other individuals in return for any gift to the district, a school, or a department without the Board's authorization.
Gifts to Staff
The Board recognizes that students and/or parents may wish to express their appreciation to school staff by giving gifts. In recognition of the fact that not all families can afford to show their appreciation with gifts, the Board encourages the giving of letters of appreciation instead.
Legal References:
RCW 28A.320.030 Gifts, conveyances, etc., for scholarship and student aid purposes, receipt and administration
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Adoption Date: 5/24/80
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 5/13/97; 12/9/08; 1/19/16
Classification: Discretionary