6210P Procedure - Purchasing Procedures

District Procurement Cards
The preferred method of purchase for ALL purchasing is by district procurement card (with the exception of meals purchased during travel per Board Policy 6213). Budget administrators can request procurement cards for their staff members by emailing the request to the Executive Director of Business and Operations. The request should include the staff member’s name, reason for the request, and a recommended card limit.
Purchase Orders
Purchase orders must be submitted for all payments over $300 that are not being paid as a one-time charge to a procurement card. This includes all types of purchases, including services paid under a personal service contract. Purchase orders should be submitted as soon as the need for items or services is identified.
District Warrant Runs
Payments to vendors that will not accept a procurement card or charge a fee to accept a procurement card should be processed through the district’s Accounts Payable Department. Warrants are issued in the middle and end of each month. A list of exact dates and deadlines are available from Accounts Payable. A purchase order is necessary for any invoices submitted to Accounts Payable that are over $300, with the exception of mileage and travel reimbursements.
Use of Revolving Fund Accounts
Revolving Fund accounts are found at Ford Middle School, Franklin Pierce High School, Washington High School, and the district’s Accounts Payable Department. The use of these funds is limited to unplanned emergent expenses to outside vendors that must be paid before the next district warrant run. Revolving funds may only be used for a vendor that does not accept district procurement cards. These funds should not be used to pay or reimburse district employees. Checks issued from the revolving funds at the schools are limited to $300.
Office/Classroom Supplies
Office and classroom supplies may be purchased using a district procurement card with pre-authorization from the budget administrator. Best efforts should be made to procure these supplies at the lowest price to the district, including using vendors that the district has agreements with for discounted pricing and free shipping. Items cannot be purchased from private parties. Staff members who make purchases without proper prior authorization and using personal resources may be held personally responsible for payment of such obligations.
Computer Equipment and Software
For the purchase of any computers or computer-related software and equipment, employees must complete an IT service request indicating their needs, along with a budget number to be used for the purchase.
Date: 12/14/10