5315 Garnishment and Personal Credit Problems

When so ordered by the Superior Court, the U.S. Secretary of Education, or the Secretary’s guaranty agency (in the case of defaulted student loans), the district shall comply with the directives of a writ of garnishment filed against a staff member of the district. Each garnishment or action for collection of debts will be reviewed by the superintendent and such information will become a part of the record of the staff member. The district shall not discharge a staff member for the reason that a creditor of the staff member has subjected or attempted to subject unpaid earnings of the employee to a writ of wage garnishment directed to the district. This provision shall not apply if the garnishments on three or more separate indebtednesses are served upon the district within any period of twelve (12) consecutive months by the Superior Court.
Legal References:
RCW 6.27.040 State and public corporations subject to garnishment
RCW 6.27.170 Garnished employee not to be discharged--Exception
Adoption Date: 11/18/08
Franklin Pierce Schools
Classification: Optional