5521 Teacher Assistance Program

Continued professional study and in-service training are prerequisites for professional growth and development. The teacher mentor program is established for the purpose of selecting a highly-skilled teacher to provide continued and sustained support to a teacher, both in and outside the classroom. For purposes of this program, “beginning teacher” shall mean a teacher with fewer than ninety consecutive school days of certificated teaching experience in either a public or private school in any grade, preschool through twelve, and who is employed by the district for ninety consecutive school days or more. “Experienced teacher” means any teacher who exceeds the experience specifications cited above. “Mentor teacher”  means, at minimum, the individual is a superior teacher based on his/her evaluations and holds a valid continuing or standard certificate issued pursuant to WAC 180-79.
The superintendent is directed to establish procedures consistent with rules and regulations promulgated by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The district reserves the right to modify the program, including the selection process for the participants -- beginning, experienced, and mentor teachers; the supervisory responsibilities of the mentor teacher; and in-service training of beginning, experienced, and mentor teachers, when it is to the advantage of the district to expand the program beyond that supported by the state grant.
Legal References:
WAC 392-196 Teacher Assistance Program
Adoption Date: 11/18/08
Franklin Pierce Schools
Classification: Optional