5510 Retirement Programs

Staff shall become members of the Federal Income Contribution Act (Social Security System) and the Washington State Teachers' Retirement System or the Washington School Employees' Retirement System as required by law. The district shall make contributions to these retirement systems in behalf of staff according to law and shall make payroll deductions from staff wages and salaries for the staff contributions to these programs as required by law. No contributions will be made to an employee's retirement system for accrued vacation leave in excess of 30 days.
Legal References:
Chapter 41.32 RCW Teachers' Retirement
Chapter 41.35 RCW School Employees Retirement System
RCW 41.50.150 Retirement benefits based on excess compensation — Employer liable for extra retirement costs
Adoption Date: 10/24/78
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 5/27/86; 11/18/08
Classification: Optional