5630P Procedures - Volunteers

All volunteers will:
A. Be subject to volunteer screening and application processes, including a background check.
B. Work within guidelines established by administrators and the district’s volunteer policies and procedures.
C. Work under the direction and supervision of district staff.
D. Serve in the capacity of helpers and not be assigned to roles which require specific professional training. Instructional services will be performed under the supervision of certificated staff.
E. Refrain from discussing the performance or actions of a student except with the student's teacher, counselor, head coach, or principal.
F. Refer to a regular staff member for final solution of any student problem which arises, whether of an instructional, medical, or operational nature.
G. Receive such information as:
1. General job responsibilities and limitations;
2. Information about school facilities, routines, and procedures;
3. Work schedule and place of work; and
4. Expected relationship to the regular staff.
H. Be provided with appropriate training at the building level consistent with their tasks and existing district standards. This training will be developed under the leadership of the principal in consultation with a district supervisor.
I.  Have assignments and activities carefully defined. Services that volunteers may provide include: 
1. Tutoring;
2. Teacher support;
3. Clerical support;
4. Curriculum enhancement;
5.  School-wide assistance;
6.  Field trips;
7. Athletic coaching;
8. Athletic contest help; and
9. Supervision.
J.  Have their services terminated for these and/or other reasons:
1. Program and/or duties completed;
2. Resignation of the volunteer;
3. Replacement by a paid staff member; and
4. Circumstances which, in the judgment of the administration, may necessitate asking the volunteer to terminate services.
K. Submit a new volunteer application each year if he/she wishes to continue volunteering.
Process to Become a Volunteer
1. A person who wishes to volunteer will complete the application process available on the district website.
2. The district’s volunteer clearances coordinator will process the background check with the Washington State Patrol. Background checks will not be required for applicants less than 18 years of age or applicants currently employed by the district.
3.  After the background check has been completed, the district’s volunteer clearances coordinator will notify the applicant whether he/she is approved or denied to volunteer by email.
Volunteer Athletic Coaches
A person who wishes to volunteer as an athletic coach must meet the following requirements according to WIAA regulations (WIAA Handbook, Section 23.0.0 Coaches) and district policy:
1. Have a valid CPR, first aid, and concussion certification of training;
2. Be at least 21 years of age to be a head coach;
3. Be at least 19 years of age to be an assistant coach; and
4. Have graduated from high school at least two years prior to submitting a volunteer coaching application.
Because volunteer athletic coaches must meet these additional requirements, the approval process requires additional steps. A person who wishes to volunteer as an athletic coach will complete the following process:
  1. Complete the online volunteer application and upload the required certification forms.
  2. The district’s Athletic Coordinator will ensure that the applicant has the required certifications or that the required trainings will be accomplished prior to completing the application screening process.
  3. If the applicant meets the additional requirements, the school’s Athletic Coordinator will review the completed application.
  4. The district’s Athletic Coordinator will process the background check with the Washington State Patrol.
  5. Once the background check is cleared, the applicant will be interviewed by the school’s Athletic Coordinator, the district’s Athletic Director, the appropriate head coach, and other individuals as desired.
  6. The school’s Athletic Coordinator will inform the volunteer applicant of his/her approval or denial of coaching.
Denial of Volunteer Coaching Application
  • If the volunteer application is approved, but the application for volunteer coaching is denied, the district’s Athletic Director will send a letter to the volunteer applicant and school’s Athletic Coordinator confirming denial of the application.
  • Applicants will be provided with an opportunity to provide a written response to the denial and may request an interview with the district’s Athletic Director or designee to provide additional information.
Athletic Event Volunteers
Applicants who graduated from high school less than 2 years prior to the school year in which they wish to volunteer are not eligible to be volunteer athletic coaches; however, they can volunteer to be scorekeepers, statisticians, tournament workers, and other event help with the approval of the school’s Athletic Coordinator. 
Coaches who would like athletic event volunteers to be involved in their program must:
1. Obtain prior approval from the school’s Athletic Coordinator;
2. Have the applicant complete the appropriate volunteer online application, which can be obtained from the district website; and
3. Ensure the volunteer packet has been approved before allowing him/her to report for any volunteer assignment involving students.
Athletic event volunteers will not work with students in any coaching capacity.
High School Students
High school students may serve as middle school level volunteer assistant coaches during the designated middle school season when under the direct supervision of the middle school level coach. These high school students must meet WIAA coaching standards’ minimum requirements to hold a valid First Aid Certification and a valid CPR card. These high school student volunteers must be approved as school volunteers (if over the age of 18) or minor volunteers (if under the age of 18) prior to working with students.
Date: 5/14/96
Revised: 11/8/05; 10/14/08; 10/13/09; 3/12/13; 4/9/13; 11/10/15