5610P Procedure - Substitute Employment

The following procedures will be in effect:
A. Substitute teachers will be contacted either from the Human Resources Office or the district automated substitute calling program.
B. Teachers who are ill and unable to be present for duty in the morning will log on to the district website and request a substitute through the substitute line as soon as possible.
C. Teachers who feel ill and do not expect to be able to teach the next day will log on to the district website and request a substitute as soon as possible.
D. The principal will rate the substitute teacher on the proper form and return it to the substitute secretary as needed.
In the performance of their duties, substitute teachers will be expected to:
A. Have responsibilities as designated by the principal and have the same length of work day as regular teachers.
B. Attend staff meetings unless otherwise assigned by the principal.
C. Follow the lesson plan prepared by the regular teacher or comply with the instructions from the principal. The principal will review the lesson plans of the absent teacher when advance planning is possible. When not, the absent teacher will have made provisions for the substitute in the daily plan book.
D. On completing an assignment, prepare a definite statement of the work accomplished in each subject, specifying pages covered in various textbooks. New assignments should be noted in the teacher's assignment book or upon a card inserted in the desk copy of the text. Upon the absent teacher’s request, all papers should be graded, records made, and preparations for the next day completed.
E. Maintain the “housekeeping” arrangements of the regular teacher.
F. Administer the student management system of the particular building. Administer no corporal punishment to a child. The principal should be contacted in the case of a serious behavior problem.
G. Complete building reports, including:
1. Attendance reports; and
2. Student progress, report cards, and warning slips after conferring with the principal.
H. Report to the principal's office before leaving the building in the evening to determine if services are needed on the following day.
Substitutes for classified staff shall be contacted in the following manner:
A. Nutrition Services – The Nutrition Services Department will attempt to fill this temporary assignment by contacting one or more qualified individuals from the appropriate list.
B. Transportation – The Transportation Department is authorized to fill this temporary assignment from a list of qualified drivers.
C. Maintenance – Unless a state of urgency exists, maintenance positions will not be filled by a substitute.
D. Support Services – Support Services is authorized to employ a substitute custodian from the approved list.
E. Secretaries – Secretaries shall use the online substitute services to arrange for a substitute as needed.
F. Teacher and Library Aide – The principal is authorized to employ a substitute when the role of the aide is critical to the operation of the unit, e.g., playground aide, library aide.
The substitute for a classified staff member should report to the office of the unit administrator at the end of the day to determine if services are needed on the following day.
Date: 12/13/11