4331P Procedure – Partnership Agreement between Franklin Pierce Schools and Community Childcare Centers

In entering into the Franklin Pierce Schools and Community Childcare Center Partnership Agreement, both parties agree to the following:
1. Centers will participate in training in the use of the selected preschool curricula and evidenced-based practices and implement these as intended.
2. The preschool/childcare provider director, coordinator, and/or head teacher will participate in leadership planning group meetings 2 or 3 times per year. Admin STARS credits will be provided.
3. The preschool/childcare teaching staff will participate in scheduled professional development provided by the district. STARS credits will be provided. At least half of the centers’ staff members must attend (and others are encouraged). Centers will ensure that training information is shared with all staff members.
4. Preschool/childcare staff will accept coaching and mentoring visits to centers on a regular basis. Centers and Franklin Pierce Schools will maintain open communication.
5. Centers will participate in an assessment review of data on the children who move on to Franklin Pierce Schools’ kindergarten classes. This data may include curriculum assessments and/or screenings for entering kindergarten, demographic data on length of time in the program, etc.
6. Centers will assist in notifying parents of training opportunities such as Ready! for Kindergarten and others.
7. Centers will participate in self reflection, celebrating success, and adjusting their programs and instruction based on district recommendations. These might include portfolios with examples of the use of district-recommended curricula and strategies, parent anecdotes, questionnaires about changes made at centers, and next-step plans.
8. The district will provide curriculum and instructional materials to preschool/childcare centers only after staff receive appropriate training. Centers will agree on safe-keeping, maintenance, appropriate use, and monitoring of these materials.
9. Should the district decide to change or add curriculum, the directors and/or site coordinators will participate in the selection of new curriculum.
10. During the first year of partnering with the district, participating childcare centers will be listed on the district website.
11. When centers have completed one year of the above activities, the district will recognize them as partners by listing them as such on the district website, and presenting them with a framed partnership poster for display at the center.
12. Centers may dissolve the partnership with the district at any time and benefits herein will be withdrawn. The center will return all materials to the district at that time.
13. If a center is not participating in the above activities, a meeting will be called between the district Early Learning Specialist and other school personnel to outline what requirements are not being met and to create a plan of improvement. If, after a plan has been created and no improvement has been accomplished within 6 months, the district may choose to dissolve the partnership. Centers may apply to reinitiate a partnership the following academic year.
14. Centers who qualify and are active participants will receive:
a. Training and materials for selected curricula and instructional strategies;
b. Ongoing support for student instruction;
c. Recognition of the partnership on the Franklin Pierce Schools website; and
d. A framed poster of partnership to display at each center.
We agree to abide by the above partnership agreement.
Childcare Center Director                                                           Date
Franklin Pierce Schools Representative                                     Date