4331 Partnerships with Community Childcare Centers

It is the intent of the district to establish partnerships with community childcare centers to promote the early learning of the district’s preschool through 12th grade students. The district recognizes the established research literature on the positive effects of early childhood education on the long-term achievement of students.
In the State of Washington, the Legislature has delegated responsibility for licensing and regulating early learning facilities to the Department of Early Learning established pursuant to RCW 43.215.020, and no partnership activities and agreement by the district should imply that they substitute for licensure or compliance with other state regulations.
A partnership with early learning and childcare centers is well within the powers granted to public school districts by the Legislature. RCW 28A.320.015 grants the Board of Directors of the school district “broad discretionary power” to determine and adopt written policies not in conflict with other law that provide for the development and implementation of “programs, activities, services, or practices” that the Board determines will promote the education of kindergarten through twelfth grade students in the public schools. Establishing partnerships with community day care centers fits into the district’s statutory duties and authority.
The district’s partnership with community day care centers is limited to a recognition that the program has taken, or agreed to take, certain steps to prepare students for kindergarten. Those steps and conditions are contained in the partnership agreement.
Legal References:
RCW 43.215.020 Department created – Primary duties
RCW 28A.320.015 School boards of directors – Powers – Notice of adoption of policy
Adoption Date: 9/13/11
Franklin Pierce Schools
Classification: Optional