4320 Cooperative Programs with Other Districts, Public Agencies, Private Schools, and Daycare Agencies

Whenever it appears to the economic, administrative, and educational advantage of the district to participate in cooperative programs with other units of local government, the superintendent will prepare and present for the Board's consideration an analysis of each cooperative proposal. Cooperative programs between two or more small school districts will not affect the small school factor of participating schools.
Cooperative agreements will comply with the requirements of the Interlocal Cooperation Act, with assurances that all parties to the agreement have the legal authority to engage in the activities contemplated by the agreement.
Private and Parochial Schools and Daycare Agencies
The district will cooperate with private and parochial schools, including daycare agencies, both in federally assisted programs and in other aspects of district operations in ways that are permitted by law. The primary obligation of the district will be to its students, and such cooperation will not interfere with or diminish the quality of services offered to its students.
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Adoption Date: 10/14/08
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 3/13/12
Classification: Optional