4260P Procedure - Use of School Facilities

Authorization may be granted for the use of buildings, grounds, and facilities upon completion of a facility use form. Each application requires approval from the building principal and the facilities manager. There will be no exception to the written application requirement.  Any type of advertisement or flyer will require pre-approval by the Executive Director of Business and Operations prior to distribution.
The superintendent shall develop and recommend to the Board a fee schedule applicable for use of school facilities. The fee schedule shall be evaluated on a biennial basis.
Sponsoring organizations shall provide sufficient, competent adult and/or special supervision and the amount of adequate supervision shall be agreed upon at the time the authorization is issued. 
Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs shall not be permitted in school facilities or on school property at any time. Tobacco use is prohibited in school facilities and on school property.  All applicants agree to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless the school district and its officers and employees from any and all claims, liabilities, damages or right of action directly or indirectly growing out of the use of the premises covered by the application.  Also, in the event that property loss or damage is incurred during such use or occupancy, the amount of damage shall be decided by the superintendent and approved by the Board and a bill for damages shall be presented to the group using or occupying the facilities during the time the loss or damage was sustained. 
The Board reserves the right to require a certificate of insurance providing liability and/or accident coverage for the specific activity on school premises.  When required, the certificate is to show minimum liability limit of $1,000,000 and evidence that the district is named as an additional insured on the renter’s policy.
Additionally, youth organizations engaged in sports activities and using school facilities must submit a signed statement of compliance with the policies described in RCW28A.600 for the management of concussion and head injury in youth sports.
The district reserves the right to revoke or cancel an approved facility use at any time.  In the event of such revocation or cancellation, there shall be no claim or right to damages or reimbursement. The superintendent has the authority to make the final decision on use of school facilities by any group.  The group may appeal such decision to the Board of Directors.
District fields are used on a regular basis, not only for district activities, but by parks, recreation organizations, and local athletic groups. Use by outside groups must be appropriate and compatible with each playfield and its surrounding area. Such use shall not result in destruction, damage, or undue wear. Activities that endanger others or cause damage to fields are restricted. Should damage to fields occur, the district may pursue restitution for damages.  The district reserves the right to cancel or close a field with minimal notification to users. 
Decorations which permanently alter the appearance or inflict damage to any facility are prohibited. 
Facility users will be charged for district staff time when required.  This includes any overtime hours for custodial staff and/or nutrition services staff at the rate indicated by the established fee schedule.  Any use of a kitchen facility by itself or in conjunction with a cafeteria will require the assistance of a nutrition services employee as assigned by the nutrition services supervisor.
Date: 4/13/10