4240P Procedure - Commercial Partnerships and Advertising

For the purposes of these procedures, the term "commercial activities" includes sponsorships by and partnerships with non-school district businesses that identify the business or its product(s) in materials, events, fundraising, advertising, and commercial sales to students and staff.
To maintain a practical balance between the funding needs of school programs and the primary educational mission of the school district, commercial activities must comply with the following guidelines:
  1. Direct commercial influence on instructional materials and activities should be minimized, except where the course objectives include the study of advertising or where appropriate instructional methods include the use of supplementary research materials such as newspapers, magazines, television, or the internet. Commercial advertising shall also be allowed in student yearbooks and event programs.
  2. The district must offer healthy, nutritional vending choices for students.
  3. Student safety must be considered and protected.
  4. Preservation of instructional time is of paramount importance.
  5. Significant teacher, clerical, and administrative time and other district resources may not be used in support of commercial activities.
  6. Care must be taken to assure that businesses are provided fair and equal opportunity to participate in district-permitted commercial activities.
  7. District involvement in commercial activities shall not be construed in any way to be an endorsement of a product or a sponsor.
  8. All commercial activities shall be consistent with district policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, age, or sexual orientation.
  9. Commercial activities shall not be permitted if they are misleading, inaccurate, or not age-appropriate for the students involved.
  10. Commercial activities shall not promote behavior not acceptable by students, or include any activities or materials that could be manufactured into something inappropriate or illegal for student use.
  11. Commercial advertising at or on the district stadium and high school athletic arenas (with the exception of possible stadium naming) are subject to a district schedule for sizes, prices, and permitted locations. This schedule shall be reviewed annually for market adjustments.
Date: 9/9/08