4240 Commercial Partnerships and Advertising

Franklin Pierce Schools recognizes the compulsory nature of public education and the mandatory attendance requirements that students face under state law. School programs exist to service the educational needs of students and should not become environments wherein students or staff members are subjected to manipulation for commercial purposes. The Board also recognizes that businesses and other organizations play an important role in supporting schools and students. School programs, particularly co-curricular and extra-curricular student activities, may require external financial support.
The superintendent or designee is directed to establish procedures that maintain a practical balance between the funding needs of school programs and the educational values expressed above.
Commercial advertising affixed to district property of facilities shall be limited to the district stadium and high school athletic arenas. Any agreements establishing naming rights to the district facilities shall be for a multi-year period, and final approvals on all advertising shall be submitted to the Board for approval.
Adoption Date: 10/14/08
Franklin Pierce Schools
Classification: Optional