4200 Parent Access and Safe and Orderly Learning Environment

Contacts With Staff
The learning environment and the staff's time for students will be free from interruption. Except in emergencies, staff will not be interrupted in their work. Brief messages will be recorded so as to permit the staff member to return the call when free.
Certificated staff will be available for consultation with students and community members in accordance with statutory law and/or the effective collective bargaining agreement, if applicable. Students and community members are urged to make appointments with staff to assure an uninterrupted conference.
No one will solicit funds or conduct private business with staff on school time and premises in a way that violates statutory law and/or the effective collective bargaining agreement, if applicable.
The Board welcomes and encourages visits to school by parents/guardians, community members, and interested educators. Parents are assured access to their child's classroom as well as school sponsored activities for purposes of observing class procedure, teaching material, and class conduct. However, such observation must not disrupt the classroom or learning activity. The superintendent will establish guidelines governing school visits to ensure orderly operation of the educational process and the safety of students and staff.
Disruption of School Operations
The superintendent or staff member in charge will direct a person to leave immediately if any person is:
  1. Under the influence of controlled substances, including marijuana (cannabis) or alcohol; or
  2. Disrupting or obstructing any school program, activity, or meeting; or
  3. Threatening to do so, or is committing, threatening to imminently commit, or inciting another to imminently commit any act which would disturb or interfere with or obstruct any lawful task, function, process, or procedure of any student, official, classified or certificated staff member, or invitee of the school district.
If such a person refuses to leave, the superintendent or staff member will immediately call for the assistance of a law enforcement officer.
Legal Reference:
RCW 28A.605.020 Parents' access to classroom or school sponsored activities — Limitation
RCW 28A.635.020  Wilfully disobeying school administrative personnel or refusing to leave public property, violations, when — Penalty
RCW 28A.635.030 Disturbing school, school activities, or meetings — Penalty
RCW 28A.635.090 Interfering by force or violence — Penalty
RCW 28A.635.100 Intimidating any administrator, teacher, classified employee, or student by threat of force or violence unlawful — Penalty
20 U.S.C. § 9528 No Child Left Behind Act, Military Recruiter Provision
Adoption Date: 8/9/77
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 9/10/02; 10/14/08; 4/9/13; 6/7/22
Classification: Priority