3247P Procedure - Isolation or Restraint of Students with IEPs or Section 504 Plans

A.  Definitions
  • Isolation:  Excluding a student from his or her regular instructional area and restricting the student alone within a room or any other form of enclosure, from which the student may not leave. “Isolation” does not apply to an in-school suspension wherein a student is assigned to a room/enclosure where he/she is periodically monitored, but left alone in the room/enclosure for periods of time to do schoolwork.
  • Restraint:  Physical intervention or force used to control a student, including the use of a restraint device. 
  • Restraint device: A device used to assist in controlling a student, including, but not limited to, metal handcuffs, plastic ties, ankle restraints, leather cuffs, other hospital-type restraints, pepper spray, tasers, or batons. “Restraint device” does not include use of a harness or seatbelt with students whose disabilities require support and/or proper physical positioning.
B.  Authorized Use of Isolation, Restraint or a Restraint Device
District staff are authorized to use isolation, restraint or a restraint device:
  • When responding to unpredicted, spontaneous behavior; or
  • As specified in a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), Aversive Intervention Plan (AIP), in a manner consistent with Chapter 392-172A WAC, or in the student’s 504 plan.
Under no circumstances will isolation, restraint, or restraint devices be used for purposes of discipline or punishment.
C.  Review of Incident
Following release of a student from isolation or restraint, the school will:
  • Review the incident with the student and their parent/guardian (though not necessarily at the same time) to address the behavior that precipitated the incident; and
  • Review the incident with the staff member who administered the isolation or restraint to discuss whether proper procedures were followed. 
D.  Reporting Requirement
If any school staff member, school resource officer (SRO), or school security officer (SSO) isolates or restrains a student with an IEP or a 504 plan during school-sponsored instruction or activities, he or she will:
  • Inform the principal or designee as soon as possible, and;
  • Submit a written report of the incident to the district office within two (2) business days that contains, at a minimum: 
    • The date and time of the incident;
    • The name and job title of the staff member who administered the restraint or isolation;
    • A description of the activity that led to the restraint or isolation;
    • The type of restraint or isolation used on the student, and the duration;
    • Whether the student or staff member was physically injured during the restraint or isolation; and
    • Any medical care provided to the student or staff.
E.  Parent/Guardian Notification
The principal or designee will:
  • Make a reasonable effort to verbally inform the student’s parent/guardian of the incident within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident; and
  • Send written notification no later than five (5) business days after the incident occurred in the language that the school customarily provides school-related information to the parent.
IEPs will include the above procedures for notification of parents/guardians regarding the use of isolation and restraint on their student.
F.  Providing Parents/Guardians with Restraint and Isolation Policy
The district will provide parents/guardians of students with IEPs or 504 plans with a copy of the district’s policy on isolation and restraint when the IEP or 504 plan is created.
Date: 1/14/14