3243P Procedure -Student Driving

Students may drive automobiles to and from school
Under special circumstances, students may drive themselves to or from school events with the consent of the parent and principal.
No student driver under the age of 18 shall transport other students in their vehicle.
Student drivers who are 18 years of age or older may transport other students in their vehicle to or from a school event only if:
  1. The student driver has turned in a completed Field Trip Adult Driver of Private Vehicle form to the school office prior to the trip.
  2. The student passenger(s) have turned in the Private Vehicle Permission Form for a Passenger form, signed by the parent or guardian, to the school office prior to the trip.
Failure to follow these procedures may result in disciplinary sanctions for both the student driver and passenger(s).
A student may use the school parking lot subject to the following conditions:
  1. A student must register the car in the school office. The student must possess a valid Washington State driver's license, show evidence that there is liability and property damage insurance coverage on the vehicle, and acknowledge that he/she will assume full responsibility for any comprehensive or collision claims that may occur while on school property.
  2. Students may not occupy a vehicle (without permission) during the school day.
  3. In terms of student conduct rules, possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal chemical substances or opiates, firearms, or a dangerous weapon will also extend to a student's vehicle.
  4. Motor vehicles that are driven by students and parked on school property are subject to being searched when school officials have a reasonable suspicion that the vehicle contains contraband or other evidence of a violation of law or school rules. For purposes of this procedure, “school property” includes any property the district owns, leases, or otherwise occupies by permission of the owner, or any property on which the district has been granted the temporary or permanent right of supervision or control by the owner.
A student who does not conform to the above rules will be subject to corrective action.
Date: 10/14/08
Revised: 11/12/13; 12/10/13