3231 Student Records

The district will maintain those student records necessary for the educational guidance and/or welfare of students, for orderly and efficient operation of schools, and as required by law. All information related to individual students will be treated in a confidential and professional manner. The district will use reasonable methods to ensure that teachers and other school officials obtain access to only those education records for which they have legitimate educational interests. When information is released in compliance with state and federal law, the district and district employees are immune from civil liability unless they acted with gross negligence or in bad faith.
The district will retain records in compliance with the current, approved versions of the Local Government Common Records Retention Schedule (CORE) and the School Districts and Educational Service Districts Records Retention Schedule, both of which are published on the Secretary of State’s website at: www.sos.wa.gov/archives/recordsretentionschedules.aspx
Student records are the property of the district but will be available in an orderly and timely manner to students and parents. “Parent” includes the State Department of Social and Health Services when a minor student has been found dependent and placed in state custody. A parent or adult student may challenge any information in a student record believed inaccurate, misleading, or in violation of the privacy or other rights of the student.
Student records will be forwarded to other school agencies upon request. A high school student may grant authority to the district, permitting prospective employers to review the student's transcript. Parental or adult student consent will be required before the district may release student records other than to a school agency or organization, except as otherwise provided by law.
A diploma may not be released until a student has made restitution for damages assessed as a result of losing or damaging school materials or equipment. 
The superintendent or designee will establish procedures governing the content, management, and control of student records.
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Adoption Date: 2/11/75
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 11/18/08; 4/9/13; 9/8/15; 4/16/19; 1/21/20; 1/17/23
Classification: Essential