Procedure 2405P Social Studies Mastery-Based Credit

Mastery-based credit can be used either for awarding credit in place of a traditional course, or for credit recovery purposes.
General Education Development Test
Students may obtain one (1) social studies credit for achieving a passing score on a general education development test in social studies. A passing score will be determined by the State Board of Education in consultation with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Successful Completion of a Course to Prepare for the General Education Development Test
Students may receive credits for successfully completing a course or courses in preparation for taking a general education development test.
Equivalency Course of Study
Students may receive credit for learning experiences outside of school that align to state learning standards, in accordance with Board Policy 2413 – Equivalency Credit Opportunities and WAC 392-410-300.
The district collects and annually reviews disaggregated data to see which subgroups of students are receiving mastery-based credit. If disproportionality is found, the district takes appropriate actions to ensure equitable access to these crediting opportunities.
Adoption Date: 7/05/22