2421P Procedure - Promotion/Retention

The best interests of the child should be the prime consideration when making a decision concerning retention. An expectation that the child will gain additional knowledge and skills through retention without negatively affecting his/her social and emotional well-being is necessary.

Retention Recommended by Educators

Prior to the end of March, when possible, the teacher will confer with the principal regarding any student who should be considered for retention. Parents/guardians will be invited to meet with the principal and the teacher. Information will be presented to explain the student's progress to date. Parents will be advised on how they might assist the student during the balance of the school year.

At least two (2) weeks prior to the end of the school year, the parent, the principal, and the teacher will again meet to review the latest progress and determine if the student's need would be best served by promotion or retention.

If a parent wishes their student to be promoted without regard to the school's recommendation for retention, the parent(s) will be asked to submit a request in writing reflecting the parent's decision. Upon receipt of this written request, the student will be promoted.

Retention Request Initiated by Parents

Following a request from a parent to retain a student for whom the school has recommended promotion, the parents/guardians, the principal, and the teacher will meet to review the student's progress to date and implications of retention. The principal is responsible for making final recommendations regarding retention.

When a student will be retained, a plan for communicating with and supporting the child will be developed.

The principal or his/her designee should carefully monitor the progress of retained students the following year.

Date: 5/10/89
Revised: 1/18/05; 9/9/08; 9/8/09; 2/13/24