2421.1P Procedure - Student Retentions - Approval Procedures

The best interests of the child should be the prime consideration when making a decision concerning retention. An expectation that the child will gain additional knowledge and skills through retention without negatively affecting his/her social and emotional well-being is necessary. Early and frequent communication with parents is important.
The possibility of retention should be introduced to parents no later than the second trimester or third quarter reporting period.
When retention has been determined, a conference with the child is necessary to assist him/her in understanding the decision in order to preserve a positive self-concept. This conference should include an explanation of the child's academic, social, emotional, and physical standing in relationship to the group and, where appropriate, to his/her own ability.
At the 5th/8th grade level, if the student fails to meet more than one of the academic promotion standards, the Grade Placement Committee will meet to develop a plan for the student.
1. The Grade Placement Committee will convene by May 30 and consist of the parent, the classroom teacher, the principal, and representatives from the central office and special education, as needed.
2. Recommendation will be made for mandatory summer school with the contingency of successful completion of at least one of the academic standards.
  • Successful completion of at least two standards will move the student to middle school and the Academic Support Class.
  • Unsuccessful completion of more than one of the three academic standards will result in retention in the 5th/8th grade.
Subjects failed in secondary school should be repeated if they are required subjects or are prerequisite to other subjects in which the student desires to enroll. A subject failed may be made up through arrangements with the principal or his/her designee.
The principal is responsible for making the final decision regarding retention or placement.
The principal or his/her designee should carefully monitor the progress of retained pupils the following year.
Date: 5/10/89
Revised: 1/18/05; 9/9/08; 9/8/09