2409 Credit for Competency/Proficiency

The Board of Directors of Franklin Pierce Schools recognizes the value of providing students with a variety of ways to demonstrate proficiency of graduation requirements. 1.0 credit is equivalent to 150 hours of planned instructional activities, excluding class-change passing time. In addition to work-based learning, alternative learning experiences, and online courses of study, students may also earn credit upon satisfactory demonstration of clearly identified competencies in lieu of the 150-hour requirement for the 1.0 credit.

The superintendent is directed to develop procedures for awarding credits to students based on demonstrated proficiency of clearly identified competencies in specific course areas.
In addition, the superintendent is directed to set a fee schedule for necessary assessments to establish proficiency.
Legal References:
WAC 180-51-050 High school credit-Definition
RCW 28A.230.090(4)(5) High school graduation requirements or equivalencies
Adoption Date: 9/9/14
Franklin Pierce Schools
Classification: Priority