2320 Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education

The Board recognizes that field trips, when used as a device for teaching and learning integral to the curriculum, are an educationally sound and important ingredient in the instructional program of the schools. Such trips can supplement and enrich classroom procedures by providing learning experiences in an environment beyond the classroom. Each request will be evaluated on Tort liability, cost, and educational benefit. The availability of field trip opportunities for students is commensurate with the funds which can be allocated to support such a program.
Field trips which take students out of the state or are planned to keep students out of the district overnight must be approved in advance by the Board. Outdoor education resident school plans shall be presented to the Board for annual approval. The superintendent has the authority to approve all other field trips.
Each student enrolled in a class or course shall have an equal opportunity to participate in field trips that are taken by that student group. Although most field trip expenses will be met through the district budget, the ASB or fund-raising projects may also be used. The district will strive to offer field trip experiences with a minimum of expense to individual students. Although students may be requested to pay part or all of the cost of a field trip, no student will be denied the opportunity to participate for lack of personal funds.
The superintendent shall develop procedures for the operation of a field trip or an outdoor education activity which shall insure that the safety of the student shall be protected and that parent permission is obtained before the student leaves the school. Each field trip must be integrated with the curriculum and coordinated with classroom activities which enhance its usefulness. Private vehicles may be used to transport students if approval is obtained in advance from the principal.
No staff member may solicit students for any privately arranged field trip or excursion without Board permission.
Legal References:
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Adoption Date: 6/24/86
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 8/27/91; 9/9/08
Classification: Priority