2024 Online Learning

The Franklin Pierce Board of Directors believes that a variety of learning options, including online courses and programs, are critical for 21st century learners. The Board recognizes that the online learning environment provides students with unique opportunities to become self-disciplined learners with life-long learning skills. Further, the Board believes that online learning provides tremendous opportunities for students to access curriculum and specialized courses in a flexible learning environment that might not otherwise be available.
Therefore, the Board supports a range of online learning opportunities that are equally accessible to all students in the school district. The Board directs the superintendent to provide information to parents, students, and staff regarding online learning options and the guidelines for participation.
The superintendent or designee will develop procedures to implement this policy. The procedures will include, but not be limited to, a description of student access to online learning courses/grade level coursework, student eligibility criteria, the types of online courses available to students, methods the district will use to support student success, payment of course fees and other costs, granting of course credit, and conditions under which no credit will be awarded.
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Adoption Date: 8/17/10
Franklin Pierce Schools
Classification: Essential