2021 Library Media Center

Franklin Pierce Schools’ library/media centers will be used to support and extend the classroom program of instruction. Each center will provide a broad range of instructional equipment and learning resources to support the school curriculum and meet the unique needs of students.
Each district library/media center will be appropriately staffed to assist teachers and students in the use of the collection, as well as in the completion, of teacher and/or student assignments. The teacher-librarian and the library media staff will assist students and teachers in securing a variety of resources which support student mastery of the essential academic learning requirements and the implementation of the district’s school improvement plan. Additionally, the teacher-librarian, through the school library media program, will collaborate as an instructional partner and information specialist to help all students meet the content goals in all subject areas, provide information and technology literacy instruction, and assist high school students in completing their culminating project and high school and beyond plans.
The superintendent will establish procedures for the selection of materials. Citizens who wish to express a concern about specific material included in the collection may do so according to the procedures outlined in Procedure 2021P, with the understanding that the criteria and rationale for reconsideration of library resources differs from the criteria and rationale for reconsideration of classroom/curricular instructional materials.
Legal References:
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Adoption Date: 7/11/67
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 4/14/81; 9/9/08; 8/16/11
Classification: Optional