2004 Accountability Goals

A. High School Graduation Rate Goals

The Board shall annually adopt district-wide graduation goals and direct each high school to annually establish goals, subject to Board approval, to increase the percentage of on-time graduates receiving a high school diploma beginning with the class of 2004.
The minimum graduation rate goals through 2013 shall be as defined in WAC 180-105-060. Graduation rate goals in 2014 and each year thereafter for each group of students, identified in federal requirements, shall not be less than 85 percent.
  1. District and School Reading and Mathematics Improvement Goals
The Board shall adopt district-wide performance improvement goals for reading and mathematics for elementary, middle, and high school grade level bands and direct each school in the district that administers the statewide assessment to adopt performance improvement goals to increase the percentage of students meeting the standard in fourth, seventh, and tenth grade reading and mathematics.
The following goals and calculation methodologies shall be established to measure and improve student achievement in reading and mathematics within grade level bands as measured by the statewide assessment administered in the spring of 2003 through and including the spring of 2014.
  1. The baseline of achievement for the district and schools within the grade level bands on the reading and mathematics assessments are the starting points established using the federal requirements in the Washington State No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Accountability Plan.
  2. The goal for the district and for each school is to increase the percentage of students in the following categories in meeting or exceeding the reading and mathematics improvement goals on the state uniform bar as established using the federal requirements in the Washington State No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Accountability Plan:
    1. All students;
    2. Students of each major racial and ethnic group;
    3. Economically disadvantaged students;
    4. Students served in special education; and
    5. Students served in the state’s Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program.
  3. The district and all schools shall demonstrate satisfactory progress toward the performance improvement goals by meeting the federal requirements or by showing improvements using the alternative “Safe Harbor” calculation.
Once a year, the Board shall issue a report to parents and present it in a public meeting. The report shall include the following:
  1. The district’s and buildings’ improvement goals.
  2. Student performance relative to the goals.
  3. District and building plans to achieve the goals, including curriculum and instruction, parent and guardian involvement, and resources available to parents and guardians to assist students in meeting the state standards.
Annually, the district will report in a news release the district’s progress toward meeting the district and building goals. The report shall also be included in each school’s annual school report.
Legal References:
RCW 28A.655.050 Reading goals – Mathematics goals
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WAC  180-105-020 Reading and Mathematics Goals
WAC 180-105-060 High School Graduation Goals
Adoption Date: 9/9/08
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 2/10/09; 9/14/10
Classification: Essential