2190 High Capable Programs

In order to develop the special abilities of each student, the district will offer a highly capable program that provides kindergarten through twelfth grade students who qualify for the program with access to basic education programs that accelerate learning and enhance instruction. The framework for such programs will encompass, but not be limited to, the following objectives:

  1. Expansion of academic attainments and intellectual skills;
  2. Stimulation of intellectual curiosity, independence, and responsibility;
  3. Development of a positive attitude toward self and others; and
  4. Development of originality and creativity.

The board will annually approve the district’s highly capable plan, including: the number of students the district expects to serve by grade level; the district’s plan to identify and place students, including universal screening at two grade levels; a description of the highly capable program goals; a description of the services the program will offer; an instructional program description; a description of ongoing professional development for highly capable program and general education staff; a program evaluation and fiscal report; and assurances that the district is legally compliant.

The superintendent will establish procedures consistent with state guidelines for implementing universal referral, screening,  assessment, identification, and placement of highly capable students. The procedures will include prioritizing equitable identification of low-income students; use of multiple objective criteria and universal screening for identification; use of local norms, unless more restrictive than national norms; and use of screening and assessment in the student’s native language (if available) or nonverbal assessment.

Legal References:
RCW 28A.185.030 Programs — Authority of local school districts — Selection of students
WAC 392-170 Special services program — Highly capable students
Adoption Date: 1/18/05
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 9/9/08; 9/9/14; 9/13/22; 6/18/24
Classification: Essential