2153P Procedure - Noncurriculum-Related Student Groups

A group of students who wish to conduct a meeting on school premises during noninstructional time shall submit a request to the school principal at least five school-business days prior to the desired meeting date. The principal will grant or deny the request at least two school-business days prior to the scheduled date.
The application shall provide: 
A. The name of each student who is making the request;
B. The name of the monitor of the proposed group (if any);
C. A description of the proposed meeting along with its stated purpose;
D. The name(s) and affiliations of non-students (if any) who will be invited;
E. Statements that:
1. Students shall be voluntarily attending the meeting;
2. Any non-students shall not be directing, conducting, controlling, or regularly attending future meetings and/or activities; and
F.   The time and frequency of meetings for the proposed group.
Date: 2/20/91
Revised: 7/8/08