2150P Procedure - Co-curricular Program

The co-curricular program consists of:
  1. Activities that are curriculum-related and have been approved as part of the Associated Student Body (ASB) program; and
  2. Curriculum-related activities that are not part of the ASB program and which satisfy the conditions and criteria established in Policy 2150.
Activities which operate as an approved ASB program must have met all conditions as specified in the ASB Constitution. The school principal will be responsible for assigning a staff member(s) to supervise all such approved programs.
When an activity does not satisfy the ASB program conditions or ASB status would not be necessary or beneficial, interested students and a proposed staff member-sponsor may seek approval and recognition as a curriculum-related activity from the school principal. Each approved group will operate under the guidelines set forth by the principal, including, but not limited to, objectives, membership, supervision, proposed activities, and funding.
In order to be curriculum related, an activity must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  1. The subject matter of the activity is actually taught or will soon be taught in a regularly offered course;
  2. The subject matter of the activity concerns the body of courses as a whole;
  3. Participation in the activity is required for a particular course; or
  4. Participation in the activity results in academic credit.
Recognized curriculum-related groups will have use of school facilities and equipment under terms set forth by the school principal. Groups that are not recognized as a part of the co-curricular program may apply for use of school facilities under conditions set forth in policy 4260: Use of School Facilities.
Date: 11/26/85
Revised: 2/20/91; 7/8/08; 1/16/24