2145 Suicide Prevention

The Franklin Pierce Board of Directors recognizes that suicidal behaviors are complex issues, a major cause of death among youth, and should be taken seriously. While school staff may recognize potentially suicidal youth and the district can make an initial risk assessment, the district cannot provide in-depth mental health counseling. Instead, the Board directs school staff to refer students who exhibit suicidal behaviors to an appropriate service for further assessment and counseling.
The Board also recognizes the need for youth suicide prevention procedures and will establish programs to:
A. Identify risk factors for youth suicide;
B. Intervene with such youth;
C. Provide referral services;
D. Follow-up on a completed suicide; and
E. Offer training for teachers, other school staff, and students to provide proper assistance.
School staff who have knowledge of a suicide threat must take the proper steps to support the student and to report this information to the building principal or designee who will, in turn, notify the appropriate school officials, the student’s family, and appropriate resource services.
The superintendent will develop and implement procedures and a staff training schedule to achieve the Board’s goals and objectives.
Legal References:
RCW 28A.410.043 School Counselor Certification
Adoption Date: 9/9/14
Franklin Pierce Schools
Classification: Priority